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Since its founding in 1978 by Dr. Glenn Ashmore as a private practice, Dental Depot has remained a family-owned and operated dental practice. Although we have grown over the years, we remain dedicated to preserving our ties to the communities we live and work in, and to treating your family like our own. Dental Depot was first introduced to the Phoenix Metro Area in 2008 when Dr. Jason Arthurs, a former Dental Depot dentist in Oklahoma, moved to Arizona and became a Dental Depot Partner. It took only 4 more years until Dr. Arthurs opened his second Dental Depot in the Phoenix Metro in 2012. After seeing the success of the first Phoenix offices, it didn’t take long for Dr. Glenn to make the decision to expand into Arizona as well, opening his first Phoenix Metro location in Surprise in 2020, with more locations to come. Our goal is to provide every patient – adults and children alike – with the high quality, affordable dental care they need and deserve. At Dental Depot you will experience a clean and relaxing office, friendly staff and highly trained, compassionate doctors, assistants and hygienists. With Dental Depot, you can always count on receiving a common sense approach to your dental needs, and the information required to make an informed decision about your own care. Dental Depot’s commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond our operatories. We participate in many local events and provide a free dental education program for schools in the areas we serve. We look forward to continuing to serve the communities we’re proud to be part of.
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Dr. Jason Arthurs

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Committed to the Community

For years, Dental Depot has partnered with local organizations to give back to the communities we live and work in. Whether it’s donating food, providing funding for student activities, or even beautifying our cities, we are always looking for ways to help improve the lives of those around us. Click here to learn more about how we give back.
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Here for the Whole Family

Dental Depot understands the challenges of managing your family’s healthcare. We provide a range of services to cater to patient’s needs under one roof, including adult and children’s treatments. Dental Depot also offers the convenience of scheduling appointments for the whole family to be seen at once, saving you time, time off work, and unnecessary travel back and forth.

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Career Opportunities

From entry-level administrative positions to clinical and professional careers, we offer a wide range of career paths and we are always looking for the right people to join our talented teams.

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Changing Stations

Changing Stations All aboard! Our Ortho Team is Changing Stations this February! As you may know, our Dental Depot Orthodontics team has been serving patients

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The original cottage-style dental office was very different from the Dental Depots we know and recognize today. At the height of Oklahoma City’s Oil Boom, and with office space in short supply, Dr. Glenn decided to convert a residential duplex into his first office. The original office was located in the historic Linwood neighborhood at Northwest 23rd Street and Drexel Blvd., which later came to be home to today’s Central OKC location.

Train memorabilia and antiques lined the walls and exterior of the original building, similar to how they do today, complete with a working model train that ran around the interior wall through patient operatories. Over the years, these unique features have become synonymous with the name Dental Depot, and its fun and comfortable atmosphere.

Then in 2001, disaster struck. An electrical fire destroyed much of the internal structure of the office and led to a complete rebuild from the ground up. It was then that the classic 19th century train station architecture was utilized to create the iconic dental depot look. Mustard-yellow slatted exteriors, clay-red roofs, and the lofty clock-tower were all a part of this reconstruction. Whether it is a train running from room to room, or an amazing collection of train memorabilia, there is always something interesting to catch your attention.

Dental Depot’s presence in the Linwood community has been, we hope, mutually beneficial. Many beautification efforts in the form of new lamp posts, benches, and seasonal landscaping of road medians has been a result of Dental Depot’s presence and community outreach. These efforts have attracted accolades from the OKC Beautiful organization, a Keep America Beautiful affiliate.


Changing Stations

Changing Stations All aboard! Our Ortho Team is Changing Stations this February! As you may know, our Dental Depot Orthodontics team has been serving patients

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